Session ID: 108870

Abstract: Confused by the proliferation of buzzwords and technologies that are often spouted and thrown around by practitioners and vendors as the keys to being able to do 'data science' or big data? Unsure of what real data science concepts are all about at their core basics? Were you not a huge fan of that stats class you took in college and have been avoiding anything with 'data science' in the name ever since? If so; then come to this vendor/technology-agnostic session to learn some powerful topics about how you can learn and leverage basic data science techniques to begin uncovering answers in your data. And yes; it all happens in the cozy confines of the oh-so-familiar Excel! Inspired by the *highly recommended* book 'Data Smart' (Wiley Press) by John Foreman; an MIT stats grad and Chief Data Scientist/VP of Products at MailChimp; you'll see data science in a whole new light. Presented by EmeraldCube; a Syntax Company.

Objective 1: Learn some basic examples scenarios for how to cluster a list of customers by purchasing campaigns

Objective 2: Understand how simple sentiment analysis can be performed with a little machine learning

Objective 3: See how optimization modeling to increase profits by reducing costs while adhering to constraints and learn how could you apply this to your data