Session ID: 107200

Abstract: Skanska's three-year regional ERP conversion to JDE was largely motivated by the need to improve decision-making across the entire enterprise. Skanska is one of the largest construction companies in the U.S; with hundreds of projects generating reams of data each day. Following go-live in 2018; the company quickly found that native JDE reporting tools gave access to data but lacked the ability to give meaning to the information. How does a company of this size give users valuable KPIs without creating a 'reporting fatigue'? Skanska's approach was to focus on role-based reporting to specific business users. The company simplified report creation and automated distribution based on the determined roles. Now business users have real time access to pertinent information compiled; calculated and displayed intuitively to their job functions. Join Brian Gallagher; VP of Project Controls; to learn how with just a few simple steps your organization can implement automated role-based reporting.

Objective 1: Illustrate the power of user enablement to create reports relating to specific job function

Objective 2: Demonstrate the creation and automation of role-based reports

Objective 3: Share experiences in overcoming the limitations of native JDE reporting