Session ID: 109560

Abstract: This story exemplifies how an organization was able to significantly improve its JD Edwards system without large project budgets or downtime. It can be difficult knowing where to start when many different system areas are not realizing their full potential. Our 'JD Edwards Reboot Program' helped the client strategically take their JD Edwards 9.1 to the next level; allowing end-users to finally embrace the system. Overall; this presentation will allow users to visualize what the perfect JD Edwards system looks like; including how to take large steps forward with the least amount of disruption to end-users.

Objective 1: To learn the different components in system improvement and structure the changes in an efficient manner

Objective 2: To learn change management strategies including end user engagement and overall risk reduction

Objective 3: To understand the importance of the end user experience and how those usability priorities can be integrated with business functionality priorities