Session ID: 102550

Abstract: This hands-on presentation will demonstrate how to leverage the use of Form Extensions; Personal Forms and CAFE1 to improve user productivity in a matter of minutes. We will use real business case scenarios to create our mashup (one-stop) screens; all without the need for a FAT client nor Form Design Aid (FDA). Better yet; preventing the need for retrofitting by developers during an upgrade. Presented by EmeraldCube; a Syntax Company.

Objective 1: With this Step-by-step demonstration participants will effectively combine the use of the latest advancement on User Productivity; allowing them to create simple and productive forms.

Objective 2: Learn about all the requirements for each of these tools; as well as how to manage them.

Objective 3: Participants are encouraged to bring their laptop to login onto our lab and learn from trial and error. Also; participants will be able to take their work home using the export capabilities from the OMW Web.