Integrated Business Planning

2:00 PM–3:00 PM Apr 10, 2019

CC 2ND FL 217B


Session ID: 11346

Abstract: Making sure your financial plans reflect operational realities can be a challenge for any organization. There are a lot of moving parts to connect your long-range strategic plans, annual plans/budgets, sales plans, and operational plans while balancing practical constraints about the availability of resources. However, best practices in integrated business planning (IBP) do not need to be an elusive goal. In this session learn how you can make successful IBP a reality through the use of Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud.

Objective 1: Learn how inefficient and disconnect forecasting and planning solutions are a liability to your organization

Objective 2: Hear how Oracle EPM Cloud can support integrated enterprise business planning

Objective 3: Hear about successful customer stories and implementation use cases

Audience: -All-