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Abstract: IT is frequently viewed as an expense to be managed and not a true business partner contributing ideas on how to move the company forward. However, today's CIOs are under pressure to perform an extreme balancing act between business innovation and operational excellence. IT leaders have a role in leveraging technology to drive new revenue streams, lead product innovation, and build customer relationships. To become a strategic partner, CIOs must provide transparency to their business stakeholders, demonstrating what they consumed and how it helped them to achieve their goals. IT financial management (ITFM) can help CIOs to plan and report in a straightforward way that clearly demonstrates their financial and strategic value to the company. Attend this session to learn more.

Objective 1: Learn what Oracle's IT Financial Management Cloud solution is

Objective 2: Learn how your organization can use IT Financial Management to run effective cost allocations, IT project planning, and IT spend analysis

Objective 3: Hear customer success stories and implementation use cases

Audience: -All-