Session ID: 102520

Abstract: Is getting easy access to information from JDE; PSFT; EBS and other systems still a tedious exercise? Then talk to your applications through an AI-powered digital assistant. Be it text or voice drive intelligent; even predictive; conversations and get answers to questions like 'Where is my order?'; 'How much vacation time do I have left?'; or even initiate buying a laptop where not only is the process automated and procurement simplified; but best next steps and product recommendations are driven by machine learning. A digital assistant is available 24/7; with no app to download; install and learn. Simply ask Alexa; or send a quick text message; using what you learned in kindergarten - a natural conversation. Join this session to learn how you can use Oracle Digital Assistant to deliver an AI-powered; conversational experience to your enterprise applications. Hear about real-world use cases like the university where call center volume was reduced by 97%.

Objective 1: Learn about key use cases driving the need for an effortless conversational interface for JDE; EBS and PeopleSoft

Objective 2: Learn about key solution requirements for enabling ONE digital assistant across all applications; both on-premises and in the Cloud

Objective 3: Learn common best practices for designing an AI-powered digital assistant with Oracle Digital Assistant