Session ID: 102540

Abstract: With Oracle SaaS; a key benefit is the ability to achieve continual upgrades with prebuilt innovations; without losing the liberty to go beyond Oracle SaaS and innovate uniquely for your own business. Companies achieve this by utilizing the same intelligent Oracle Cloud Platform which SaaS is built on; to connect and extend prebuilt Oracle SaaS functions and deliver brand new applications. This session showcases the top platform extensions delivered by Oracle and our customers with Oracle ERP/SCM/HCM and CX Cloud. We will also share common best practices for SaaS extensions versus the traditional on-premise application customization approach.

Objective 1: Learn about real and vetted 'PaaS for SaaS' use cases from Oracle and our customers

Objective 2: Learn common best practices for developing and rolling out similar innovations with your Oracle SaaS environment.

Objective 3: Leave with 'PaaS for SaaS' ideas to apply to your own SaaS journey.