Session ID: 107060

Abstract: Cloud technology can streamline business operations; but what about the user experience? When the end users are more productive; the business thrives. See how one company uses Taleo as a strategic tool to enhance business operations through the employment experience. Features such as recruit; hire; on-board and learning management not only help to streamline administrative processes; but also assist employees to be more efficient and improve quality of business operations. In this session; Dr. Larson will demonstrate how Wagstaff; Inc. implemented HCM Cloud and strategically utilized Taleo to streamline administrative functions; improve hiring; reduce overhead; enhance training; re-engineer on-boarding; and integrate other functions. Alex Small from CastleBridge Consulting will be on hand to answer questions about seamless integration between Taleo and HCM; implementation; project planning; and post-implementation success strategies.

Objective 1: Understand Taleo and HCM Cloud Roles and Relationship.Understanding how Taleo and HCM Cloud work together is essential. Participants will understand the full functionality of Taleo and how it can support cloud and business operations.

Objective 2: How to Build a Successful HCM Strategy with Taleo Integration. Participants will learn how to architect an HCM cloud change management process that includes Taleo products to maximize adoption and effectiveness.

Objective 3: Optimizing Employee Performance through Taleo.Participants will recognize how Taleo can assist with a successful new employee experience and continue through effective learning; development and career enhancement opportunities.