Session ID: 11328

Abstract: Auto-release program releases Planned Orders from the ASCP Workbench into Work orders or Purchase Requisitions if all/some of the Release Conditions are met. Some important conditions are Tools required are available, Suggested Start Date is inside a future date horizon, Validate machines in Routing Operations, BOM has been created, Routing is created and is at the correct revision Similarly, Auto-releasing of Work Orders to shop floor to manager the operations effectively when certain conditions are met like item revisions, routings, on-hand availability of the components, initial operations etc.,

Objective 1: The planned orders have to be auto released when certain conditions are met so that the demands can be satisfied with minimal delay

Objective 2: The conditions/parameters can be configurable for every inventory org

Objective 3: Exceptions are displayed and planner can take necessary action

Objective 4: Auto-Releasing of Work Orders when certain conditions are met like item revisions, routings, Components, onhand availability of initial operations etc.,

Audience: Management