Session ID: 11326

Abstract: Be the Match has over 10 Million Donors on its registry. When donors sign up to be on the registry, the samples are sent to labs for DNA testing for matching with patients in need. We needed a way to quickly receive, inspect and store these samples prior to shipping. Most organizations do not create new items this frequently. Come see how we built an integrated Application Express app that integrates with E-Business Suite and dynamically creates the items, lots then stores them in its own distinct location. This session is a great example of how APEX integrates with E-Business Suite to make processes efficient.

Objective 1: Understand how APEX is integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite

Objective 2: Learn Be The Match’s process of handling DNA Samples within E-Business Suite

Objective 3: Understand the challenges we had of implementing APEX with Sample Receiving

Objective 4: Show the efficiencies that are gained using APEX for Sample Receiving

Audience: Developer