Session ID: 11323

Abstract: Oracle EBS has traditionally certified SSO with R12.1 and R12.2, with Oracle Access Manager, OID/OVD, Oracle EBS AccessGate and WebGate. The IDM products described are on-premise solutions and needs additional licensing for Oracle Identity Management. With Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS), there now exists a cloud based SSO solution which can be used with EBS using the EBS Asserter. Customers can integrate their 3rd Party LDAP solution like Microsoft Active Directory with Oracle IDCS, and enable SSO for EBS. This presentation will technically detail the IDCS integration with EBS using EBS Asserter.

Objective 1: Provide detailed certified steps using EBS Asserter to enable SSO

Objective 2: Highlight certain limitations of IDCS / EBS Asserter - conditions when IDCS may not work

Objective 3: Advantages of IDCS for authentication vs traditional on-premise solutions

Audience: Technical