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Abstract: Mentorships help professionals learn about their fields and roles from senior practitioners. Mentors serve as advisers, helping shape ambitions and careers . Learn how you can benefit from OAUG Mentorship program to further your career growth. Sponsors take a direct role in the advancement of their protégés. Sponsors work at the same organizations as their protégés. They advocate for protégés, helping them earn raises and promotions and garner success in their shared environment through their endorsement and guidance. Learn how to find sponsors and develop a win-win relationship.

Objective 1: Learn about the role of mentors to guide your professional growth

Objective 2: Learn about the role of sponsors to boost your professional growth

Objective 3: Know why both mentors and sponsors are both needed for your career

Objective 4: Get to know about OAUG Mentorship Program hosted by Emerging Leaders

Objective 5: Find how OAUG Mentorship Program can benefit to grow your career

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer