Session ID: 11247

Abstract: Organizations have a lot riding on the efficiency and effectiveness of their procure-to-pay processes. Yet, most rely on manual or semi-automated procure-to-pay processes to ensure that suppliers are paid on time and these inefficiencies lead to companies not being able to take advantage of early pay discounts. A big part of the blame is the approach to automating procure-to-pay. Another contributor is the exploding volume of untapped structured and unstructured data from documents such as invoices. Robotic process automation takes procure-to-pay to the next level. Join us in this session to learn how.

Objective 1: Discuss the challenges with traditional approaches to business process automation

Objective 2: Provide an overview of robotic process automation and intelligent automation

Objective 3: Explain the benefits of robotic process automation in procure-to-pay and show how this emerging technology can be used to accelerate these processes to save time and money

Audience: Technical