Session ID: 11220

Abstract: Release 12.2 is the new standard for the E-business suite. With lots of new functionality for the users, this release is ready for prime time. I’ll describe the tried and true tips and techniques to ways to decrease your down time during the upgrade. We'll discuss the upgrade to 12.2.8, R12.2 Architecture concepts, including ADOP, the Online Patching Utility, the new utilities, how to integrate with the new Weblogic server and new processes developers will have to follow in order apply customizations. Managers should attend this session in order to minimize risk in deploying this new technology.

Objective 1: Learn the upgrade process and challenges your organization may face during the upgrade. This includes real life examples from large and small clients.

Objective 2: Learn how to use ADOP. After you go into production if you aren't an expert with Online Patching - ADOP, you'll be sorry to didn't attend this presentation.

Objective 3: Developers must learn how to create code that is minimally online compliant. There are more advanced ways to create custom code so the code can be fully online patch compliant.

Objective 4: Attend this session to learn how WebLogic integrates with Release 12.2.8.

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer