Automating Essbase Cloud Service

12:45 PM–1:45 PM Apr 10, 2019

CC 2ND FL 217C


Session ID: 11218

Abstract: From the first connection, it’s apparent that Essbase Cloud has a new user interface; less obvious is that it has new automation tools which can automate virtually any task that can be performed via the user interface - loading data, manipulating outlines, maintaining security, and more. In this session you will learn how to get started using the new tools (the Cloud REST API and EssCLI). You will also learn the nuances of using ‘legacy’ options such as MaxL and the Java API against Essbase Cloud. Finally, with overlapping options available, you will learn how to decide which tool is right for your specific task.

Objective 1: Learn how to use the new Essbase Cloud Rest API to script / automate tasks.

Objective 2: Learn how to use the new EssCLI to script / automate tasks

Objective 3: Understand how to use MaxL against Essbase Cloud

Objective 4: Understand how to use the Java API against Essbase Cloud

Objective 5: Understand how to decide which automation tool is appropriate for a specific use case.

Audience: Technical