Session ID: 11203

Abstract: From green light to checkered flag, this session will describe in detail the process GM Financial used to evaluate, plan and implement an Application Express (APEX) environment. From a standing start the team accelerated quickly and – with the assistance of strategic partner Insum – maneuvered through the process of implementing Application Express (APEX) in the E-Business Suite environment. The end result is a stable, scalable platform capable of delivering solutions to their user base in record time.

Objective 1: Understand how a large organization justifies implementing Application Express (APEX) in an E-Business Suite environment.

Objective 2: Learn the phased approach of adopting Application Express (APEX) for custom development across the organization

Objective 3: Explain the benefits of conducting a formal infrastructure audit

Objective 4: Introduce continuous integration tools

Objective 5: Note the lessons learned to avoid pitfalls of similar projects

Audience: Financial or Internal Control Manager