Session ID: 11195

Abstract: A key in evolving as a database administrator is utilizing existing technical skills and talents and applying foresight to the process of building new tools to do the heavy lifting of opening doors that bring different teams together. The top 5 tools any database administrator can use to get through growing pains are; a channel to the database community, a sandbox environment, a set of golden lists, a team of mentors, and a personal support system or a red Swingline stapler.

Objective 1: Introduce the top 5 tools for database administrator growth with concrete examples.

Objective 2: Highlight how the top 5 tools for database administration fit into the bigger picture of evolution.

Objective 3: Provide guidance on learning new skills to build new tools to manage new technology.

Objective 4: Challenge technical minds to think ahead for opportunities for improvement at the team level.

Objective 5: Propose social media as a bonus tool that any database administrator can leverage for their career.

Audience: DBA