Session ID: 11174

Abstract: How does your company handle cash flow reporting? How does your company collect the data needed to build your company’s cash flow? Cash flow reporting is always a tricky thing – a lot of it is dependent on the availability of data, the industry that a company is in (usually much trickier for some companies vs others) and even the number of levels at which data is available or even relevant. Let’s take a look at how your company might approach, or even adapt its cash flow in a way that might not be as painful!

Objective 1: Identify how cash flow reporting is currently handled

Objective 2: Is the data required for cash flow reporting available at every reporting level or just at the top?

Objective 3: Do reporting levels understand how to break down activities into cash flow components?

Objective 4: Understanding how industries can complicate cash flow automation

Audience: Functional / User