Session ID: 11155

Abstract: Blockchain technology is a hot topic these days, however; many people confuse Blockchain with Bitcoin. They do not realize that Blockchain is a separate, distinct technology with a myriad of potential uses. This session will introduce you to the big picture of Blockchain technology. We will provide the history and an overview of Blockchain. We will show some of the ways Blockchain is being used in a variety of industries. The session is introductory. It is not a deep dive into the subject, rather it is meant to provide a starting point for exploration and implementation of this exciting technology.

Objective 1: Introduce the exciting technology of Blockchain

Objective 2: Survey some of the use- and business-cases for Blockchain

Objective 3: Discuss some of the hurdles present in implementing Blockchain

Objective 4: Find a mathematician among the attendees that can explain the wonderful, esoteric math that makes Blockchain work

Audience: Technical