Session ID: 11153

Abstract: Manufacturing process transformation always creates fear due to the constraints of change, sometimes due to existing infrastructure investment and definitely people. A major Automotive company embraced it and decided to implement Oracle Manufacturing, the workplace been re-designed to implement best practices and to support continuous product innovation, manual processes been replaced by automation, legacy processes been mapped with Oracle standards and the company is getting ready for the leap to Oracle Cloud implementation and disruptive technology like IoT and 3D Printing.

Objective 1: Change is not always difficult, how to overcome the fear?

Objective 2: How to create a knowledge mindset and culture?

Objective 3: Knowing the potential of Oracle Manufacturing cloud functionality offerings

Objective 4: How to redefine the existing Key performance indicators for the management

Objective 5: Engage Top management not only for decision-making but at every step of process

Audience: Project Manager