Session ID: 11145

Abstract: Move to cloud is transformation journey that does not always needs to start big bang. Clients are often confused about where to start and when to start this move to Oracle ERP and Supply Chain Cloud. The session answers some of most critical Qs asked by clients before adopting SaaS/PaaS Cloud and Start their Migration Journey to Cloud. Qs like How the transition state will look like? How the data and the integrations, including temporary integrations will be managed. What are some of the data models and related best practices. How is Cloud to Cloud API integrations handled in a hybrid complex eco-system.

Objective 1: Address Qs that Users have on Cloud Journey and benefits from the same.

Objective 2: Simplify the journey to SaaS and Pass could in baby steps and how to coexist in complex hybrid eco-system

Objective 3: Address needs and Qs around Architecture / Integration and Data models

Objective 4: Best practices around order of adoption - FINANCE CLOUD, Procurement CLODU, ERP CLOUD, SCM Cloud etc etc.

Objective 5: Impacts on Change Management and boost user adoption

Audience: Project Manager