Session ID: 11117

Abstract: Are you selling customer specific configurations (KIT, PTO, ATO) across multiple countries and legal entities of the organization? You may know the problem - standard IR/ISO flows tend to break the “family” apart, as customer configurations are lost! Our solution overcomes this problem and keeps the configuration intact, the original single customer sales order across the entire supply chain. We configured a rule-based trip-stop utility with Oracle EBS with OTM. It is more efficient and helps the coordination with transportation partners and customers while complying with corporate and local standards.

Objective 1: Understand our rule-based solution to address legal & accounting needs for multi-hop supply chains of custom configured products

Objective 2: Learn about supply chain functionality for custom configurations and the impact in standard IR/ISO functionality

Objective 3: Learn about creating intercompany invoices and financial balances based on trip stop functionality.

Audience: Management