B2B Global Intercompany Solution

10:30 AM–11:30 AM Apr 8, 2019

GH 4TH FL Republic C


Session ID: 11107

Abstract: Developed Global Intercompany Solution to exchange business transactions automatically via B2B Hub using PO and SO process to source parts. It provides connectivity to multiple ERP systems from Oracle EPR to exchange transactions like PO, SO Acknowledgments, Shipping, Receiving, AR & AP invoices. The same solution is extended to 3rd party supplier portal & 3rd party logistic warehouse and can be extendable to external suppliers/customers communication as well. Tech stack: Oracle EBS, Oracle SOA and 3rd Party B2B Provider. The messages are in XML format as per the OAGU standard. Transaction monitor

Objective 1: Overview of global intercompany solution including interco process

Objective 2: Explaining technology stack and technical architecture

Objective 3: Sharing the process challenges and business benefits

Objective 4: Trading Partner setup

Objective 5: Explain PO/PO Change Outbound, Creating/Updating Sales Order, SO Acknowledgments, PO Acknowledgments inbound, Shipment notice outbound and Advance shipment notice inbound interfaces. Transaction Monitor tool to monitor inbound and outbound transactions.

Audience: Technical