Session ID: 11099

Abstract: Organizations can leverage their investments in Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) to not just report but also automate many manual tasks, seamlessly extending the business processes beyond their financial management or other enterprise systems into Oracle BI. This presentation will walk through once such use case. With Financial Reconciliation as an example, audience will learn to leverage key Oracle BI features to streamline certain business processes, especially those that require crunching and analyzing large volumes of data.

Objective 1: Spread awareness that Oracle BI can be used to improve and mature business processes as well.

Objective 2: Drive home the message using Financial Reconciliation as an use case.

Objective 3: Provide a good understanding of Oracle BI features that can be leveraged for improving the business processes.

Objective 4: Help the audience understand the power of Oracle BI to automate manual tasks.

Audience: Technical