Session ID: 11083

Abstract: Oracle provides the Desktop Integration Manager, which allows you to create your own Web Application Desktop Integrator, or WebADI interface to input data using Microsoft Excel. We will show you how to create the integrator and interface where you need it to upload data, leveraging an existing table or procedure or your custom procedure. We will also compare the short term and long term costs of modifying the layout while using existing tables or procedures versus custom procedures. In our example we will upload Project Expenditures into Grants Accounting using Microsoft Excel.

Objective 1: Share how WebADI integrators allow users to complete tasks quicker using familiar toosl

Objective 2: Show how to create a WebADI integrator to import Project Expenditures to Grants Accounting

Objective 3: Share two ways to modify the layout of the interface, and how they affect time to delivery

Objective 4: Share tips to maintain data security while using interfaces

Audience: Technical