Session ID: 11073

Abstract: Often, modern DC's have several IT systems handling different parts of the warehouse. A busy, high volume DC can benefit in many ways from a centralized control room. A SCM Control Tower is a dashboard that brings onto one screen information from ERP, Transportation Systems, Material Handing Controllers, HR Systems, Dock Management Systems & IOT sensors. In this session, attendees will see an application built for a large DC that ships over 300 trucks a day. Learn how this approach saves time and improves reactionary responses to events that affect warehouse operations.

Objective 1: Overview of Supply Chain Execution monitoring & control.

Objective 2: Introduction to various IT systems that handle different parts of a warehouse.

Objective 3: How to consolidate information from various systems for a 360 degree view of a DC.

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer