Session ID: 11071

Abstract: Learn how to customize your Oracle Analytic Cloud Service experience to what you want and need. Go through options for securing your cloud implementation to the level you need as a company, fitting your companies encryption, authentication and accessibility goals while keeping the security group happy. Decide how you want your cloud, from full control to partial, to very little. It can work in the way you need it to, rather than the other way around. Find out about automation servers, and how they simplify a more complex “in control” cloud implementation so that you don’t need a degree in IT to do what you need to.

Objective 1: flexibility of choices for Oracle Analytic Cloud Service

Objective 2: Securing the system - different methods including SSL & L2L

Objective 3: Methods of authentication, from internal to MFA to SAML, it can be done

Objective 4: Adding extras, Oracle Day By Day, Synopsis Android/OIS apps etc..

Objective 5: Automation servers, Scripting, ease of use for non Linux users

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer