Session ID: 11059

Abstract: As one of the premier outdoor and Out-of-Home media organizations in the world, OUTFRONT Media (Formerly CBS Outdoor) serves America’s largest companies with complex marketing and media planning needs. You’ll hear how OUTFRONT’s analytics team has migrated from Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) to Oracle Analytics Cloud. You’ll hear how sales analytics and location analysis are leading the organization to new analytic insights and how a small team has produced gigantic results.

Objective 1: Review the differences between BICS and OAC in terms of current capabilities and future development.

Objective 2: Discuss modern marketing mix planning and how analytics play a critical role.

Objective 3: Compare Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse as backends for Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Objective 4: Discuss self-service analytics for the business versus curated dashboards and canvases.

Objective 5: Discuss mobile applications how best to support field users.

Audience: Technical