Tired of Apps Living in Chats

10:30 AM–11:30 AM Apr 10, 2019

GH 4TH FL Seguin B


Session ID: 11048

Abstract: The growth of the chatbots had to do with the fatigue of apps that we have in our day to day. We needed an option to make application interaction and information search more attractive. This session will help analyze the impact of the advance towards Artificial Intelligence to develop chatbots solutions. E-Business Suite customers are embracing Chatbots for Payables, Receivables and even at the System administrator level. We will learn how you can agilely build chatbots for your existing or new applications almost without limits by means of Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Service.

Objective 1: The advance towards Artificial Intelligence and the tools of development in the cloud make it easier to build chatbots for your existing applications.

Objective 2: Discuss the 4 key components in the Oracle Intelligent Bots Platform to allow you to easily build these solutions: Configuration of the messaging channel, Flow of the execution dialog, Artificial intelligence machine, Custom components

Objective 3: Show examples of how you can create your intelligent chatbot visually in the Oracle Intelligent Bots Platform with minimal code for a simple application as well as for your organization.

Objective 4: Learn how to use analytical tools, within the Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise (OMCe) that includes Customer Experience Analytics (CxA) can analyze behaviors of the use, and crossing that information with other systems (such as marketing) to generate more accurate and appropriate information to your users

Audience: Technical