Session ID: 11046

Abstract: Converting client data into the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud system requires both speed and precision in volume, necessitating the use of the file-based data loader (FBDL). This tool, at its maximum potential, can exponentially accelerate the pace of data conversions, but there are barriers that can complicate this process and introduce delays into conversion efforts. This presentation will demonstrate best practices, tip, tricks and troubleshooting solutions for successfully executing the FBDL process with a focus on Financials and Supply Chain.

Objective 1: Inform users of the general functionality and scope of the file-based data load tool.

Objective 2: Demonstrate how to properly execute the file-based data load process with common financial data.

Objective 3: Inform users of common issues and pitfalls that may arise during data import procedures in order to minimize delays during data conversion.

Audience: Technical