Session ID: 11029

Abstract: Moving key enterprise applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, to a Hybrid Cloud offers an organization many advantages, but there are also trade offs which they must manage. This presentation highlights both, while providing a cost-benefit analysis. A Hybrid Cloud offers greater elasticity and scalability without requiring significant capital expenditures. However, there are real pain points regarding security, controls, automation needs and integration that must be managed in a Hybrid Cloud solution.

Objective 1: Overview the Pros and Cons of running Hybrid Cloud solution.

Objective 2: Lay out best practices to effectively manage security and controls for Hybrid Cloud.

Objective 3: Demonstrate the cost savings that a Hybrid Cloud model can deliver.

Objective 4: Highlight automation needs and how to mitigate integration challenges.

Objective 5: Show how a Hybrid Cloud delivers scalability and agility to an ERP solution.

Audience: Technical