Session ID: 11024

Abstract: Not a data scientist or a statistics wonk? No problem. We’ll do a tour around OAC including how to create meaningful trend lines and clustering. Next we’ll dive into data flows to accomplish things that have been challenging in the past like Time Series Forecast and finally we’ll take a look at the machine learning available right out of the box in ODV that anyone can do. This session will explore the usage of data flow and data visualization to organize and integrate data sources to produce trained data models you can use again and again.

Objective 1: Promote and engage adoption of Oracle Analytics Cloud

Objective 2: Dive into the detail of the offerings available for data manipulation and intake

Objective 3: Present advanced features incorporating machine learning and AI

Objective 4: Examine detail of information derived about data through machine learning and AI

Objective 5: Provide a high level tutelage on the power of Machine Learning and AI for the business user

Audience: Functional / User