Session ID: 11022

Abstract: There are not many options for getting Sales and Use Tax working on the cloud, but did you know you can pretty much automate the tax on both sales and purchases if you know what you're doing? This session will show you the options for setting up Sales Tax, the limitations around Use Tax, and how you can do it in Oracle or using a 3rd party vendor. Basic setups will be demonstrated (with examples) and an insight into how you can structure your solution to be automated, including any exemptions based on items and services bought and sold will be shown. Whether you're an end user or a consultant, this session is essential

Objective 1: Showing what your options are for Sales and Use Tax set up in Oracle

Objective 2: Using basic/complex Oracle tax set up or 3rd party tax engine provider

Objective 3: Examples of set up screens and the steps that you need to do, with some best practice approaches on how and why you should set up the tax in certain ways

Objective 4: Educate the end users on how tax can be set up

Objective 5: Educate users on what is possible with Cloud Tax

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer