Session ID: 10987

Abstract: This presentation will focus on the major use cases for financial institutions like Banks/ Insurance Companies wherein Big Data can be the key change maker in bringing in invaluable business value, utilizing the historic data. The presentation will demonstrate the solution architecture with the help of a developed prototype wherein the predictive analysis and social network analysis layer is applied on top of the consolidated customer data stored in distributed nodes - as an effective solution for use cases like fraud detection.

Objective 1: Attendees will gain a clear understanding about the importance of this world wide shift towards Big Data technologies

Objective 2: Application of Big Data solutions in the major use cases of Financial Institutions like Fraud detection can be understood with the help of a demonstrated prototype

Objective 3: Live demo using the prototype will help the attendees in getting a good grip of Big Data concepts and real time applications of its varied advantages

Objective 4: Chance to get to understand various Big Data solution architectures with respect to the use cases

Objective 5: Opportunity to get to learn different Big Data toolsets and the best combination of the same, to reap in maximum benefit with respect to the discussed business scenarios.

Audience: Project Manager