Session ID: 10962

Abstract: Robotics process automation (RPA) is a hot topic these days, but a misunderstanding of its use cases and impact to organizations exists. We will discuss how RPA can be utilized in conjunction with Oracle to meet business objectives, while preserving your organization's resources. We'll demonstrate the capabilities of RPA and how you can utilize its automation with Oracle EBS and Cloud. We'll also share how to select pilot processes that will provide quick wins for your organization, and how to build a roadmap.

Objective 1: Understand robotic process automation (RPA) concepts and what the technology can accomplish

Objective 2: Learn how to develop a robotics strategy specific to your organization

Objective 3: Discover how to build a compelling business case for RPA

Objective 4: Understand how to prioritize while planning for a pilot, how to identify "quick wins", and how to build a roadmap

Objective 5: Walk through sample success stories and lessons learned

Audience: Technical