Session ID: 10954

Abstract: This case study will take us through a complex engineering and service industry customer's journey through the Cloud Costing Implementation and the challenges encountered and some of the best practices learnt and adopted along the way. The presentation will also talk about the discoveries and inventions made in the whole process which resolved and established a solid end to end process flow for Oracle Cloud Costing. We will talk about the challenges in each step starting from Item, Data Conversions of related articles, Cost Accounting configurations, transactions and the close process and how we overcome it.

Objective 1: Best Practices for implementing Cloud Costing

Objective 2: Impact to Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Finance Streams and how cross-functional teams can support the success of a cloud costing implementation

Objective 3: Cloud Costing Close process

Objective 4: Management reporting and how it relates to Engineering and Service Industry

Objective 5: End to End process mapping in implementing Cloud Costing

Audience: Project Manager