Session ID: 10953

Abstract: ATC (American Tower Corp) has experienced a significant and intermittent performance degradation of Posting: Single Ledger program after upgrade to Oracle R12 from 11i. You will learn how ATC resolved the issue and improved the performance of the program by over 90%. Posting even a simple journal entry with only several lines used to take anywhere from seconds to 30+ minutes. This issue existed even in 'thin' ledgers where there was no associated subledger. ATC resolved the issue by following the best practice on summary accounts; use reporting hierarchies if the intended benefit is reporting.

Objective 1: Learn what summary accounts are

Objective 2: Learn when to use summary accounts

Objective 3: Learn how the log file of Posting program helped locating the culprit

Objective 4: Learn how plotting the Posting program history helped locating the culprit

Objective 5: Learn how to delete summary accounts

Audience: Project Manager