Session ID: 10942

Abstract: In our move to the private cloud, the operations team’s focus has shifted from managing our data center and supporting our users to partnering with external and internal business partners. As leaders of the operations team, we are driving the shift to a model that recognizes our new challenges: Coordinating seamless user support; prioritizing user requests and our own work; integrating with our cloud partner’s support process; managing network integrations; communication content and timing; and supporting non-Oracle applications hosted in the cloud. One example: gamifying the support metrics process.

Objective 1: Understand fundamental differences supporting Oracle user base when moving from on-premise to the private cloud

Objective 2: Describe specific tactics for your Oracle support team to transition from on-premise to cloud-based operations

Objective 3: Learn the key role of partnership in a successful cloud-based support – both internal and external

Objective 4: How to work with business partners to bring the right focus and energy to the right priorities

Audience: Project Manager