Session ID: 10937

Abstract: See how we did a “Lift and Shift” of its Oracle E-Business Suite footprint from the basement to the private cloud. Retrace an upgrade roadmap that encompassed hardware, operating system and database while avoiding the costs and risks often tied to complex re-implementations. Understand keys for resolving challenges tied to networking coordination, 3rd party application interfaces, broken customizations and, setting a baseline for adaptation and improvement of business processes and Oracle functionality.

Objective 1: Lay out business drivers that led to the choice of a Private Cloud over other Cloud options.

Objective 2: Highlight keys for stabilizing an environment while migrating to a Public Cloud.

Objective 3: Establish standards for effective globalization for Oracle E-Business Suite during Cloud migrations.

Objective 4: Reconfigure support models as needed to account for on-premise to Cloud transition.

Objective 5: Integrate a Private Cloud Oracle EBS instance with Oracle Sales Cloud.

Audience: Project Manager