Session ID: 10922

Abstract: It is easy to manage documents in Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC). However if you need to manage structured content, it is not obvious how to do it in WCC. This session will show how to leverage the power of WCC to manage structured Microsoft Word (MS) documents, associate MS smart tags to WCC metadata and parse contents into JSON files later used for integration. You will learn techniques using Framework Folders and hierarchical metadata auto-applied to content on CheckIn. We will show how to integrate with external systems via REST WebServices including SOA, Business Intelligence (BI), EBS and cloud service providers.

Objective 1: Using custom components expand capabilities of Oracle WebCenter Content and learn how to manage structured content, based on real example demonstrated on Microsoft Word documents.

Objective 2: Participants will discover how to design hierarchical metadata and framework folders in WebCenter Content to enable security, data validation, business rules and usability.

Objective 3: Learn how to disseminate content from Oracle WCC to multiple sources using WebServices and enable BI Reporting, E-Business Suite integration, SOA integration and integration with third parties.

Audience: Technical