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Abstract: Application change management is an art and a science and is s very critical for a fully compliant auditable environment. Elaborate planning, extensive regression testing with timely implementation of changes is critical. This paper highlights how our company manages and implements various application changes for fine-tuned stable and compliant environment with maximum automation. It shares some of the best practices, tips and tricks to manage your changes to ensure robust, compliant and auditable application environment.

Objective 1: Learn and appreciate the need to manage the application change systemically with related artifacts.

Objective 2: Understand different types of Oracle E-Business Suite application and Cloud Application changes adaptable to Agile development lifecycle. .

Objective 3: Understand various tools for change management, source code control and deployment.

Objective 4: Utilize iSupport module to systemically manage and track application changes to completion with maximum automation.

Objective 5: Enhance your application environment stability with process driven framework for change management.

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer