Session ID: 10878

Abstract: Do you have unique Time Management challenges that need to be addressed as part of your Workforce Deployment plans? Do you need to integrate external Time Entry Devices to a centralized Time Repository? Do you have varied shifts, work patterns and schedules that drive 24/7 operations? Do you have the need to consolidate time capture with absence management and perform complex premium calculations for payroll processing? If this applies to you then this session is for you. Learn how these and other key requirements were addressed as part of a real-world implementation at a coal mining company.

Objective 1: To delineate configuration of complex shifts, pattern and schedule definitions for 24/7 based operations.

Objective 2: To illustrate the Integration of time entry devices to Oracle Cloud time and labor through the use of REST APIs.

Objective 3: To illustrate the use of advanced fast formulas to implement validations and premium calculations.

Objective 4: To illustrate the usage of dynamically defined HCM groups to manage the organization's workforce.

Objective 5: To explain the usage of payroll interface features to transfer outbound data for current and retroactive payroll processing.

Audience: Project Manager