Session ID: 10874

Abstract: Many companies use excel sheets to perform Account Reconciliations. While Excel can provide a certain degree of flexibility in the reconciliation process, it also causes a lot of manual effort. Activities often can only be performed by individuals, each with a different way of working. Even though Reconciliation in Oracle E-Business Suite already brings a more standardized way of working, it still requires significant manual effort. Tools are available to further automate Oracle Reconciliation. Learn how extensions on Oracle Reconciliation can help to automate the reconciliation process.

Objective 1: Learn more on Oracle Reconciliation

Objective 2: Why using Excel sheets can be dangerous for the continuity of the reconciliation process

Objective 3: Learn how to automate the reconciliation process

Objective 4: Learn how to standardize the reconciliation process

Objective 5: Learn how a standard tool can be used to enhance the Oracle Reconciliation process

Audience: Project Manager