Session ID: 10867

Abstract: ORAchk is automatic proactive warning or problems before they impact your application. Learn the best implementation practices for ORAchk such as email notifications, run critical health checks periodically, auto-update, daemon mode, and exclude known issues. Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) lets you understand how insecure your database is – it validates the security configuration, user privileges, and sensitive data. Learn what to look for in a DBSAT report for E-Business Suite database.

Objective 1: Introduce ORAchk and DBSAT tools from My Oracle Support.

Objective 2: Areas to pay attention and to ignore in ORAchk and DBSAT reports for EBS database.

Objective 3: How to extend ORAchk to automatically update and schedule the reports.

Objective 4: Best practices and advanced configuration for ORAchk.

Audience: Management