Session ID: 10866

Abstract: While email is a powerful business tool, it can also create big problems. Your emailed purchase order that was caught in a junk folder, bringing the manufacturing plant’s production to a standstill. Your invoice that was never received, squeezing the company’s cash flow. While these scenarios may be extreme, bounced or missed emails really can have a negative impact on your business. This session aims to eliminate the guesswork surrounding email delivery and opens by sharing techniques to update Oracle with detailed delivery insights—helping senders quickly react to undelivered emails.

Objective 1: Address the often unrecognized challenges of Oracle email delivery—why “Success” doesn’t mean “Emailed.”

Objective 2: Learn how to increase reliability and efficiency, avoiding your recipient’s email junk box.

Objective 3: Share tips and tools to enhance email delivery reporting with cloud-based solutions.

Objective 4: Provide insights into how advanced delivery reporting can improve the company bottom line.

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer