Session ID: 10860

Abstract: Elkay Manufacturing, a manufacturing global market leader, automated their Cash Reconciliation process in EBS Cash Management and General Ledger using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Hear Elkay explain how a process that previously required an hour a day with some data entry errors is now completely automated. See the software robot upload bank statements and lockbox files to EBS, submit AutoReconciliation, tie out by working with EBS and spreadsheets, create adjusting journal entries and send reports and log files to an email distribution list upon completion, all with no data entry errors.

Objective 1: Understanding of how automation is affecting the back office, specifically finance and accounting.

Objective 2: Understanding of how Robotic Process Automation can emulate exactly what a user does manually.

Objective 3: Demonstrate a complex accounting transaction being performed by a software robot unattended.

Objective 4: Explain how robotic process automation does not require API's and other integration work.

Objective 5: Explain the differences between robotic process automation and traditional IT projects.

Audience: Technical