Session ID: 10857

Abstract: Multiple sales order channels, demand seasonality, large volumes and quick fulfillment are everyday affairs at Emerson InSinkErator, world’s largest manufacturer of food waste solutions. This session showcases how these challenges were overcome through a robust, automated and integrated system spanning across websites, Cloud, EDI, XML. It involves cutting edge technology - SOA Fusion Middleware suite and Oracle SaaS. This facilitated fast-paced B2B/B2C order to cash cycles with improved accuracy and service levels.

Objective 1: Demonstrate a suite of SOA Fusion Middleware and SaaS based integrated solutions

Objective 2: Explain how this modern framework supports commercial and residential solutions industry segment

Objective 3: Cover details of technology used, architecture, integration points, cost benefit and scalability

Objective 4: Present both viewpoints - Emerson as a customer/user, and Infosys as a partner/system integrator

Objective 5: Highlight best practices, lessons learnt, KPIs and insights from this experience / success story

Audience: Technical