Session ID: 10844

Abstract: Production cutover while transitioning to a major ERP system can be a game changer. We will showcase tools and methods that facilitated an extremely successful cutover to Oracle R12 at InSinkErator, an Emerson company. The plan involved use of social media, visual management, automating user access, boosting end user readiness, balanced business cutover, helpdesk ‘STOP’ program, red zone metrics, etc. This session / case study and associated artifacts will serve as a ready reckoner in your Oracle migration journey.

Objective 1: Showcase a successful Oracle R12 cutover at world’s largest manufacturer of food waste solutions

Objective 2: Provide tips & tricks, do’s & don’t’s to handle this crucial phase of project by eliminating risks

Objective 3: Present both viewpoints - Emerson as a customer/user, and Infosys as a partner/system integrator

Objective 4: Discuss the thought process that led to developing these unique techniques and their outcome

Objective 5: Highlight best practices, lessons learnt and insights from this experience / success story

Audience: Project Manager