Session ID: 10831

Abstract: With more infrastructure and Oracle EBS applications moving to Cloud providers, one of the decisions organizations must confront is the best approach to cloud migration for long-term success. In some cases, short-term success, but we see cloud as a strategic long-term solution for many, not all, organizations. While some organizations favor a lift-and-shift approach, others are deciding to re-platform, refactor, take a hybrid approach or do nothing. There really is no single best path to cloud success! We will discuss these cloud concepts, present real-life scenarios and research to backup our findings. Please join a diverse panel of experts that will cover the various cloud topics. We will provide some thought provoking slides to keep the topics organized and the conversation flowing. Come prepared to ask questions and get engaged!

Objective 1: Bring clarity to cloud offerings such as PaaS, SaaS, IaaS

Objective 2: Discuss options for cloud migration from on-premise applications to cloud, or cloud SaaS

Objective 3: Review and present some cloud options such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Amazon Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure (and others)

Objective 4: Provide some helpful information for organizations to establish a "cloud or not to cloud" strategy

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer